Bilfinger Rotring Engineering GmbH

Fuel Gas Systems

Fuel Gas Systems

Bilfinger Rotring Engineering is one of the world’s leading specialists for fuel gas systems having the largest record of systems delivered and operating throughout the world.

  • Gas is the preferred fossil fuel for modern high efficiency gas turbines
  • The design and execution of the fuel gas system is one key component for the reliable operation of a gas turbine or combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning requires specific know how and expertise

Bilfinger Rotring Engineering supplies Total Gas Systems from pipeline tie-in point to gas turbine inflet flange. Such as:

  • Emergency Shut-Down Systems (ESD Valve)
  • Gas Scrubber Systems
  • Gas Filter Systems (Liquid/Solid Separation)
  • Gas Metering Systems
  • Gas Heating Systems
  • Gas Pressure Reducing Systems
  • Condensate Collecting and Disposal Systems
  • Ignition Gas Systems
  • Cold and Hot Flaring Systems
  • Gas Analysis (Chromatograph)
  • Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Systems for Special Duties