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Fuel Oil Systems

Fuel Oil Systems

Bilfinger Rotring Engineering is the only specialist which has the expertise and experience for providing total systems solutions, not only for Fuel Gas Systems but as well for all kinds of Fuel Oil Systems.

  • Light Distillate Oil is a suitable fossil fuel for high efficiency Gas Turbines
  • Crude Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil (Residuals) can be considered as alternative fuels for heavy duty Gas Turbines, however such
    oil require special fuel treatment
  • The design and execution of Fuel Oil Treatment Systems is one key component for the reliable operation of a Gas Turbine
    or combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning especially for alternative fuels requires specific know how and expertise

Bilfinger Rotring Engineering supplies Fuel Oil Handling & Treatment Systems from delivery point to fuel injection. Such as:

  • Unloading Systems (road, rail or marine)
  • Tank Farm and Storage
  • Fuel Oil Transfer
  • Fuel Oil Metering
  • Fuel Oil Treatment (Fuel Washing of Crude Oil and Residual Oils)
  • Fuel Oil Forwarding
  • Fuel Oil Heating
  • Fuel Oil Change-Over
  • High Pressure Injection
  • Fuel Quality Control (Field Laboratories)
  • Monitoring & Control